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Emilia Anastazja is a singer, songwriter and guitarist based in London. Her music influences range heavily across all spectrums and her ability to blend genres like Soul, R&B, Disco, Funk und Dream Pop together helps cultivate her unique sound. Growing up with a mother and sisters who loved to sing and make music together at a very young age, sparked her interest in music. Through that spark, it created a love to perform and led her to projects and features with other musicians, starting early in her school years. Using her connections through these encounters she recorded her first self-produced album “Blue” with some talented friends and students. It mostly describes the emotions behind her memories from the past, giving you a little bit of everything that inspires her but most importantly making you feel. Emilia has been making music and performing ever since. With Swiss producer Audio Dope she released her most popular track „Unconditional“ streaming millions of listeners. On small to large stages, from Germany to London, with her band or the Basel symphony orchestra, she casts a spell over the audience. Emilia has lived in London since 2019 and is working there on her new music. At the end of 2020 the first single of her new EP Flower House will be released.



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