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27.09.23 - Kanzlei Unplugged, Zürich (CH) ticket & info

05.10.23 - Albani, Winterthur (CH) ticket & info

07.10.23 - Treppenhaus, Rorschach (CH) ticket & info

12.10.23 - Schall und Rauch Bar, Basel (CH) ticket & info




Emilia Anastazja surprised many with dreamy vocals which draw you in.. simply mesmorising. Think of the Soulful side of Joni Mitchell. (...) One to watch for sure it felt like a moment that those present will look back upon and see they saw her before she broke”

15.2.23 Global Soul Radio (UK)

The soft bluesy vocal improvisations recalled Lauryn Hill, but higher and breathy, Bjork-like.”

06.14 London Jazz (UK)

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