The One

released July 1, 2014

Emilia Anastazja - Vocals, Guitar
Eliyah Reichen - Rhodes, Synths, Bass, Guitar (Track 2) 
Dominik Burkhalter - Drums

Composed and Arranged by Emilia Anastazja & Eliyah Reichen
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Eliyah Reichen



The Music of Singer and guitar player Emilia Anastazja leads you through balmy and soothing sounds with a voice and style uniquely her own; firmly grounded grooves and beats mixed with a sensitivity to her approach, creating music that is a blend of simple, yet captivating energy. Soul RnB Jazz Electronica and Folk blended together as one.

Emilia is currently working with her new band on her debut album, set to release in 2018.

Vocals, Guitar / Emilia Anastazja

Guitar, Vocals / Daniel Messina

 Keyboard, Synths / Mathieu Friz

Bass / James Krüttli

Drums / Florian Haas Schneider

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